Ugrás a tartalomhoz




Békéscsaba is the centre of finance, economy, logistics, administration and education in the region.

  • A skilled and committed labour force at an affordable wage.
  • Join other successful multinational companies:
    - Linamar,
    - Hirschmann Car Communication,
    -Tondach and
    -Marzek Kner Packaging, all growing powers in central Europe.

We offer a high standard of living, high levels of health- and social care in pleasant and remarkable urban environment - in a charming town:

  • Favourable geographical locations,
  • Improving accessibility on ground, in air,
  • Developments based on the Modern Cities Program, supported by the Hungarian Government and the EU founds,
  • Favourable local tax environment,
  • Further development of the regional airport,
  • Available industrial  areas suitable for brownfield and greenfield investments,
  • The public education system is well developed,
  • Local government services promote economic activity,
  • Hospitable people,
  • Excellent public-, and property safety.