Ugrás a tartalomhoz

Major events and programmes

The Csaba Sausage Festival

Held in October and organised in celebration of the Csaba salami, it is one of the most prestigious gastronomic events in Hungary cherishing the traditional values of sausage-making, while offering a wide variety of entertainments. In addition to folklore and the most treasured traditions of gastronomy linked to “disznóvágás” (killing a pig with the help of neighbours in a backyard and making sausages, ham and black pudding from it), a series of fringe events including workshops, gastronomic events, tourist exhibitions and similar other programmes add to the appeal of the festival. 


Read on Town Hall Evenings

Held since 1998, ‘Városházi Esték’ (Town Hall Evenings) offers quality theatre and music programmes to both residents and visitors in June and July. 

The Békéscsaba Spring Festival

Heralding spring as its main theme, and urged also by traditions, the festival is a meeting place for renowned representatives of Hungarian culture. The programmes are an excellent source of fun for both the younger and the older generations. 


The Békéscsaba-Arad-Békéscsaba International Marathon

Held in spring, the Békéscsaba-Arad-Békéscsaba Marathon is more than just another sporting event, because a number of cultural events are also held to enhance its appeal. 


The ZENIT International Festival of Brass Music - Young Musicians’ Meeting

Looking back on a twenty-year history, the ZENIT Young Musicians’ Meeting is a major classical music event in the city. 


Garabonciás Days

Held in late September and organised by the Garabonciás Foundation for secondary school students, it has been one of the city’s most popular and most visited festivals for years.