Ugrás a tartalomhoz

Accessibility on the ground

Békéscsaba is the financial, economic and cultural center of Békés county. with a population of 60,000, in South-Eastern Hungary, 200 km from Budapest, the Békéscsaba metro area has a population of about 165,000.


  • A dynamic town in the center of the great planes,


  • 60.000 residents,


  • Center of Békés County.


Békéscsaba is at the junction of two major regional highways:

M44 (Budapest – Kecskemét - Békéscsaba) intersects road M47 (Szeged – Békéscsaba – Debrecen) and easily accessible by train, by the Pan European Corridor IV.

Békés Airport is located 6 km from the downtown of Békéscsaba, Able to receive airplanes up to a capacity of 60 passengers. IV. Category non-public airport with a right of border crossing point.